The private life of Ibn Taimiyah


Ibn Taimiyah remained a batchelor for his entire life

We read in Fath al-Mueen by Hassan Saqqaf, page 76:

الشيخ ابن تيمية الذي عاش أكثر من سبعين سنة والذي لم يتزوج ولم يحج

“Sheikh ibn Taimiyah lived for more than 70 years and he neither got married nor performed the Hajj”

One that does not marry is not from the Prophet’s nation

We read in Sunnan ibn Majah, Volume 1 page 592:

Ayesha narrated that Allah’s messenger said: Marriage is my Sunnah, whoever didn’t perform my Sunnah he doesn’t belong to me’

Imam of the Salafis Albani declared it Sahih in Silsila Sahiha, Volume 5 page 382.

The one who doesn’t perform Hajj shall die as a Jew or a Christian

Sunan al-Daremi, Volume 2 page 28:

Abi Umama narrated that Allah’s Messenger said: ‘Whoever, not being forbidden from performing Hajj for an acceptable reason or unjust ruler or severe illness, died without performing Hajj, he shall die as Jew or Christian.’
Shawkani said: ‘Hasan le Ghayrhu’ (Nail al-Awtar, v5 p8).